The Premiere of “Chocolate Diamond’s Moment of Inspiration”

This week, we posted our first episode of “Chocolate Diamond’s Moment of Inspiration.”  The point of this show, is basically to showcase some piece of art (or other event) that has given us some motivation or inspiration.  Each episode will be roughly a minute or less, and provide you with an quick recap of what we find/found inspirational about it, along with a link to read/view/listen to the entirety.

This first episode was about the song “The Moral of the Story” by Watsky.  Check out the video:

We’ve been having a hard time getting to record the latest episode of “Mike and Sarah’s Best Picture Podcast,” in which we talk about 1943’s Going My Way, starring Bing Crosby, and Barry Fitzgerald, but we’re hoping to record tonight, and then be back on track for next weeks film.


This episode is now available.

Also, last month’s film The Problems with “Michael,” “Mike,” & “Mikey” has been clearly one of our most popular videos on Facebook, and if you haven’t checked it out, check it out the link above!